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Tattoos Columbus Ga

Doing tattoos in Columbus Ga has been a great journey. After over eight years here in Columbus, Ga we couldn't be more eager to continue giving great tattoos and body piercings to this city. We offer a variety of body piercings with great jewelry options and we try our best to accommodate our clients desire for always updating new jewelry.
We try our hardest give each of our customers a good personal experience, we cannot always satisfy each person but we do try our best to give the best customer service in the industry.
The number 1 complaint we have heard from customers concerning their visit to other tattoo shops is the artists and/or business horrible customer service. We have always focused on never having that said about us. We have a 99% success rate. Once the customer begins their work we often hear how they have been other places either recent or in the past and the customer service they received was so bad until they left the that tattoo shop to never return. 
With an experienced background in customer service the management continually trains the staff on customer service skills. While some artist and tattoo shops may feel this is not important, we feel it is very important. How often do you go somewhere and receive bad customer service? How does that makes you feel? Now think about how yo feel when you receive good customer service. What about outstanding customer service? Doesn't that feel good? It makes you feel confident as a consumer. We hope to give that feeling to our customers. 

We thank our customers for allowing us over 8 years of tattoos columbus ga. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who are the Piercers at Skintastic Art in Columbus, Georgia Ga

Who are the piercers at Skintastic Art? This is a question a lot of potential clients want to know. They often want to know because they expect the piercers to have pin head look. Mr. Pincushion is what they assume all piercers looks like but in today's body art society, body piercers have taken on a more subtle approach in their style and demeanor. Some have a more simple look for the industry.

We believe in our artist having more of a inviting look here at Skintastic Art. Simple piercings that are not intimidating.
Our leader piercer is Cash Parish, who also is the founder of Skintastic Art

Hello, I'm Cash Parish. I've been doing body piercings since 2003. I was trained by my own employee Angel at Skintastic Art's first location on General Meyer in New Orleans. My first body piercing was done on a friend of the family, Reva, she allowed me to do a tongue piercing on her. It was a scary and wild experience but from that day forward I have been doing a ton of professional services for my clients. I also continue to educate myself through continued education courses to keep up with the latest in the industry of jewelry and techniques and angles to perform long lasting safe and quality services.

I have been with Skintastic Art since 2002 and have been licensed in Georgia and Louisiana. I specialize in exotic piercings as well as surface piercing and of course the basics and popular body piercings as well. My specialty is for all markets, races, sexes, etc.
We are master piercers at Skintastic Art, if we don't know how to apply a service, we do not do it. We don't play or guess.

I only practice new techniques under the leadership of other licensed experienced master professional piercers. I have been trained and have trained others also. My portfolio is filled with over 5,000 piercings in my career. I knowledgeably understand all the services that I provide, making me fully experienced as a master piercer practice body art with Skintastic Art.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Tattoo Artist ,Telling His Side of How The Rap Beef merged To The Tattoo Industry

As from the side of Tripp Da Artist he thinks this song was a great way to express the way he felt about bootleggers to see how he felt about people sneak dissing. He thinks respect is the key, other people shouldn't be out here causing trouble and trying to run away the customers he worked hard to receive and keep respect from.Tripp Da Artist said the song came about when he was seeing his coworker Cash Parish getting disturbed with the situation, and customers coming to us telling us the things they have heard and seen what this bootlegger has started to spread in the streets about a company that he can't even compare to, challenge himself against. Tripp Da Artist came up with the idea to gather the team which contains himself ,Cash Parish and a fellow friend to the brand and company and loyal customer for over five years Leezy Warbucks.

In the words of Tripp Da Artist this situation which has progressed to rappers beef shouldn't have started from the beginning,he is so tired of people trying to copy his swagg and ect.

He feels that artist that have horrible work and only tattoo minors should not have room to talk or diss anyone in the tattoo industry. He believes once you have a credibility in the tattoo industry you can atleast have a little room to knock someone else style and swagg but, until then he believes you should have a seat and let the real master tattoo artist come forth to show you what you are missing and haven't yet come lose to succeeding in the tattoo industry.

Tripp Da Artist said he was so excited when the video production began and ended and saw the finish product of the music video. He says the video fits the swagg and style they were trying to send to others to see and respect.With that being said it did just that, it has created more respect from others.

Helping Those In Need, To Find The Perfect Tattoo!

Picking the right tattoo is extremely important and should be well thought out. It will be with you for life and deserves careful consideration. The thought you put into your tattoo, strengtens the tattoo and your tattoo experience as a whole. Not only will you have a connection to your design but you will have put in the careful thought and consideration necessary, which makes for a stronger tattoo that you will love and appreciate in the long run.

Three ways to consider the right tattoo design just for you:

1. Experiences: Thinking of important experiences you've had in your life make for a good tattoo. These experiences can be symbolized by a single design which has some connection to the experience. A small mural or a few pieces together can also work as well.

2. People: Names are good but sometimes frowned upon and sometimes regretful especially when it comes to a lover. Instead think of an image which could signify a certain individual or what he/she stands for or believes in. Facial recreations can work as well, especially for special individuals who have passed away, or strong role model whom values you hold strong and firm.

3. Personal: This really is the ultimate and while the above two methods also fit in the personal category, you can also reach much boarder heights and choose a tattoo design which you simply like for your own personal reasons. Whether you can put these reasons into words is not necessary, sometimes art brings about strong feeling that surpasses any verbal definition. You may have perhaps found your perfect tattoo design if you do experience that kind of strong connection with a tattoo design.

Choosing to either go the flash way or the custom way is also important. If you want a unique tattoo I would suggest getting a custom tattoo designed to fit you and your personality.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

History in Rappers Beef in the Hip-Hop Industry

There are few things in Hip Hop as gratifying as a good rap feud which we refer to as rappers beef. Sides are picked,lines in the sand are drawn and if you're lucky,people debated line for line who won and why. In the good years rappers beef meant that two artist wanted to see who was better,so they'd release songs or freestyles directed at each other. Back in the day people used to get on stage(or some kind of public place like a radio station and ect.) and freestyle,battle it out. The thing about it is beef we always kept on wax,it was musical thing.Rappers beef can have positive effects. So simply rappers beef use to be just a competition. Beef in rap was about the skill and respect. That's the product of the over commercialization of hip hop and street culture.

I always thought of the street beef and hip hop as two completely different things. It wasn't something I really had to define it just registered in my mind as separate things. One was a musical the other was in person ans more serious . Somewhere along the way the lines between the two got blurred and then became the same thing.atheword beef of course existed long before hip hop;most dictionaries have the slang entry. American heavily imposes competition among each other. It's a very competitive."who's the top dog" country, and these beefs and battles are the result of not just indivdualistic senses of the street pride and respect,but the country's morales and codes of honor and way of life in which america as built upon.

Rap feuds are as much a part of hip hop as break dancing and graffiti and every now and then two titans at the top of their game go for each other's necks lyrically in an effort dominance in the eye of the general public. This is not one of those times. And as a side note rappers beef is not just found in hip hop,itr has since crossed over to the tattoo industry,which is a serious industry to whom only the real survive.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Piercings For The Pleasure!

Female genital piercings can be called a lot of things depending on what part of the vagina is pierced such as a Christina, Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing which is also called a HCH, Inner Labia, and the Outer Labia but it really depends on what the client is looking to get pierced. As a process in this piercing the artist will explain what the piercing is and also how we pierce that object, to make you knowledgeable of the piercing. We also give written and verbal aftercare instructions, we also sell our own aftercare spray which is the easiest way to keep your piercing clean and help it heal a lot faster than normal. Contrary to what you might expect, most female genital piercings are amongst the easiest piercings to sit through and to heal. Most female piercings are for the increasing of pleasure and the look of sexiness. The number one piercing that we service is Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing which is also called VCH. Master Piercer, Cash Parish is a 10 year veteran of this service, and has the expert experience and knowledge to guide the client in making the best decision for the unique shape and size to accommodate pleasure and sex appeal. Skintastic Art has the most comfortable and professional staff and tattoo studio, as well as private room to apply your genital piercing. We also have a strong privacy policy and we allow no sexual harassment in our place of business. We want you to feel comfortable, and to create an experience you'll enjoy. We're all adults; there's no reason to feel awkward about it .We have the upmost highly qualified artists to give you, the client, the confidence in receiving the service at this luxury tattoo and body piercing studio. No matter how fatty the catty or how thick the clit, we will always remain professional and humorous to help you relax and to feel comfortable as can be. These female genital piercings make a lot of clients nervous, because of pain and embarrassment but we love to entertain and to calm our clients with jokes and knowledge.
For more insight about this piercing we have a website, where we have aftercare instructions and videos to further your understanding about this piercing.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tattoo Industry Joins Digital Music, With The Latest New Rap Song

I have heard from some people this song motivates them and inspire them to make sure they stay ahead of the game.Its not rappers beef in some people eyes they think its just a call for respect which it is like alot of poeple we demand respect in every aspect of the tattoo industry.We are role models for young kids today,this song has also set an aspect to kids and teens that violence isn't always the way,you can use your talents and trait in life and in this period of time.
The streets has went crazy with the single especially rappers in out local area.Thinking it was a good trademark for our company and goal we were trying to succeed with this hit.
I was so excited in the making of the song,and was very surprised about the single its self.the artists in the song described the way they felt and their emotions in the video was very well express.We stand by our brand and how our company is ran.We are express in the tattoo industry and business so we demand respect or atleast the courtesy,we arent saying we be the best of friends or like each other just the respect,which isn't hard to give at all.
The song has spread to the surrounding areas and is now showing nation wide thanks to youtube and other video streaming sites.
The tattoo industry is also hearing and seeing the video and some agree with the choice we came,about solving the problem,some think we shouldn't have came at the problem at a different angle.
The tattoo industry is an extreme industry and hard industry to become known in.Recently we had a new tattoo artist try to knock the success and accomplishments of out company brand;from this situation it has created an uprise among our staff and customers.So this is the latest rap beef music video video which has been released to the public.Tattoo beef has lead to rapper beef.People have under estimated us we as tattoo artist,that we can draw and tattoo,what people don't know is that we have alot of talents and rapping is one of them.So please enjoy this track and video from the one and only Skintastic Art!!!
Please feel free to comment on the video and song!!!
From, Skintastic Art
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