Monday, August 23, 2010

1#tattoo/body piercing studio Columbus ,ga

Butterfly flower tattoo At skintastic art tattooing shop Columbus ga

Tattoos is my life, I wake up with art on my mind & how to provide this city with the best urban art it has ever seen.  I've been tattooing in Columbus, Ga. for over 6yrs now.  My main homie D West was my 1st customer back in 2005.  I laughed when he told me this year that he did not know I could tattoo and pierce on the level that he's seing me do it on....... I told him that a lot of customers in this city are selective on where they place their tattoos/body piercings.  Most people here believe that they won't be able to find employment and that it is not professional to have tattoos and piercings where the general public can see it ..... I said boy thats some columbus way of thinking.  I come from a city where it is more accepted to come as you are and be your own true self.  Body art does not make a man or a woman.  But I strive to get better so the work that is seen in my portfolio most of the times is older work because I learn new tattoo and body piercing skills everyday but don't have the time to promote the day to day advancement of my tattoo/ piercings on a day to day bases.  Also the work that I'm producing has to be paid for. Meaning I do tattoos and piercing seriously and can't work for free.  My level of artwork is at cost and some people here just dont respect a tattoo artist/master body piercing artistry, so they will not allow you to push the creative process to the max. So its hard to show how creative and  how great your skills are. Well I'm Cash Parish to see my tattoos and body piercings you can always log on to my other pages

no looking at this video you will see me talk about my tattoo / piercing movement down here in the city of columbus the state of georgia . its always people in you world that dont want to grind but there believe they should reap the benefits of the grind meaning they wanna shine off a hustla . I was always tough that you do for them that do for you . my movement is very serious to me i have tripp the artist and the inkdolls . we started out after katrina doing tattoos and piercings and built this black owned and operated studio one service at a time so we will only support those that support us at skintastic art .. this is the 1# tattoo studio in the city no other tattoo shop in columbus ga can and or will see us in the game of tattooing and piercing .. period thanks for reading as always cash parish im outchea

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