Thursday, April 14, 2011

Government Shut- Down is Affecting the Tattoo Industry

Government shut-down is affecting the tattoo industry in many ways. One is military not getting their whole paycheck on the 15th ,which means less money for their personal use and less money for us that means no tattoos and body piercings until everything is okay with everyone.Meaning that some kids will not be getting any allowances for them to get any navels,lip piercings,noses,eyebrows,tongues,or any ear piercings also surface piercings,there are so many piercings or and jewelry.Some people are debating over gas or a body piercing, I know some people are running out of gas!!!!
Second is some of the post offices will be closing for a short time,which means some of our deliveries will be delayed or we will have to go get out items and supplies ourselves.There are so means ways how the government shut-down is affecting the tattoo industry but to many to name.

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