Thursday, September 8, 2011

Best Exotic Body Piercing Shop Columbus,Georgia At Skintastic Art

 Horizontal Nipple Piercings at Skintastic Art Body Piercing Shop
Welcome back to Skintastic Art's blog I'm Cash Parish master body piercer and tattoo artist.  I have been doing body piercings since 2002.  I was trained by a young lady named Angel.  Sooner than I knew it, I was thrown to the wolves lmao. Ok today I had the pleasure of doing some exotic piercing: nipples and clits (also known as the hood piercing)  Nipples, in my opinion is one of the most painful piercings that I provide and I pierce everything from eyebrows to ankles lmao. Columbus, Ga has always been really conservative with their piercing therefore, I do find that they like the ones not seen by the general public 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Some things I tell my customers to do is 1st take care of your body hahaha it seem simple but you'll be surprised at how many woman come in the tattoo body piercing shop and hygene is so messed up. So you should shave and take a bath before you go see your artist.... have some self respect people. Ok so for nipples wash under your arms and wear a clean bra. These piercings are extremely sexy ..... last but not least u can see my artwork on
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